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“From a writer known for his unflinching, visceral works, BURIED A MAN I HATED THERE is a complex, beautifully-nuanced and–dare I say it?–surprisingly tender exploration of secrets, deceptions and the always elusive possibility of redemption. Adam Pepper is a writer at the top of his game–and his mastery of the subtle, literary novel is a welcome surprise.”

- Bill Breedlove, Author of How to Die Well


Delusions drive them. Deceptions define them. Secrets consume them. BURIED A MAN I HATED THERE: A dark and unusual psychological thriller.

Jack Maddox is distraught after the mysterious deaths of his wife and young daughter.  His head constantly aches and his memories are hazy and lost.

Heidi, his wife’s twin sister, does her best to help Jack cope. Ever reliable and dutiful, she encourages Jack to move on with his life.

Each Valentine’s Day, they meet in a field in rural Vermont for a picnic in the snow.

Jack has a secret that’s buried deep.  Heidi has a secret of her own.  Will they unravel their secrets, or will their secrets unravel them?

Salvation lies hidden in the snow, and in each other.


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